What We Do

Tergo Solutions Ltd provides drilling rig sites with track hoes and operators, for mixing drill cutting with sawdust.

Surface Rentals

We also provide a variety of surface rentals including:

  • Shale Dryers
  • Shale Bins
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Gensets
  • + Much More

Our Excavators

Why Use An Excavator Over A Loader?

Excavators are far more environmentally friendly than using a loader, as it can be outside the bin and keeps the cuttings contained. With a loader, it is necessary to drive into the bin and back out, traking drilling mud all over the lease and creating a much bigger cleanup bill.

What Do We Include?

We include grapple forks, for moving mud product and drill pipe around location, and a frost bucket for digging containment ditches around the rig.

Many of our machines also have a dozer blade, which we use to clear snow and level out the lease when it gets muddy in the spring.

We provide a highly qualified operator to each location, so there is no need to take a rig hand away from their job.

We are an environmental company commited to reducing spills and keeping drill sites cleaner.

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